Solution for Level 125 (Peppermint Palace)

How do you beat Candy Crush level 125? This page contains the solution of level 125 in episode 9 (Peppermint Palace) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Candy Crush Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

Level 125 is the last level in Peppermint Palace. Your goal is to finish the level within 55 moves. To earn 3 stars, you must earn at least 145,000 points by matching candies.

Strategy 1

Make special candies and combine them. It is vital to do this as they clear out a lot of jellies. However, before using special candies, make sure to clear all liquorice swirls due to their resistance to them.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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Posted on 06/05/2015

It is tough and I'm about to give up. I'm 81 years old and it's just too hard for my old brain. One more day and I call it quits for ever. I WILL GET OVER THIS ADICTION. I WILL.


Posted on 09/30/2014

this one looks easy. playing it shows it is tricky and you have to plan every move. i hope to pass it soon!


Posted on 08/05/2014

Done level 125 how do I get to world 2 or next level to train


Posted on 06/01/2014

This is getting so boring! At first I was happy because there were no bombs or chocolate. Ha! This seems really impossible. I never pay to get through a level, and I never will.


Posted on 05/14/2014

yes!!! i do it!!! trying do it for two months!!!!!


Posted on 04/06/2014

Can't do about to give up


Posted on 03/31/2014

This one sucks!! I'm getting bored because it's the same over and over again


Posted on 03/20/2014

Need have moving sell on 125


Posted on 03/13/2014

How to go through? I have stayed on this level for a week


Posted on 03/01/2014

Passed 3 levels today, all with 3 stars☺️ Now I'm on this level, let's see! 😘🍭🍬


Posted on 02/27/2014

Been on this level forever! Boring


Posted on 02/19/2014

Can't do it. About to give up


Posted on 02/11/2014

I have been stuck here forever. I need help!


Posted on 02/11/2014

Been on this level 7 months


Posted on 02/08/2014

This level is so difficult!!!!


Posted on 02/07/2014

nice very goodit is good for yong and old

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