Solution for Level 517 (Sour Salon)

How do you beat Candy Crush level 517? This page contains the solution of level 517 in episode 36 (Sour Salon) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Candy Crush Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

In level 517 your goal is to finish the level within 40 moves. To earn 3 stars, you must earn at least 100,000 points by matching candies.

Strategy 1

The chocolate and the meringues may block the way on collecting center ingredients. Also, ingredients may end up above a Chocolate Spawner, forcing the player to spend moves trying to move the ingredients aside and allowing them to be collected. This happens when there is a meringue a few spaces above a spawner, which can cause ingredients to move diagonally.

Strategy 2

Control the chocolate and break the meringues as soon as possible.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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