Solution for Level 35 (Lemonade Lake)

How do you beat Candy Crush level 35? This page contains the solution of level 35 in episode 3 (Lemonade Lake) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Candy Crush Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

Level 35 is the last level in Lemonade Lake. Your goal is to finish the level within 60 moves. To earn 3 stars, you must earn at least 280,000 points by matching candies.

Strategy 1

Focus on clearing corners and the bottom first.

Strategy 2

All kinds of combinations are recommended in this level. striped candy mixed with color bombs are extremely effective, but so are any other combinations.

Moves in this level


3 stars score


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Posted on 10/08/2015

I beat 35 but it says ask for help to go to the next level or buy it no unlocking it for free by playing :( and no one will help me :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


Posted on 04/25/2014

I cannot get to level 36 even tho I passed level 35 once. What's going on?


Posted on 03/24/2014

I too completed level 35 over 6 times( without paying ) and it just kept raising my target points up to 381,000! I did the challenge over 3 days and again cleared target and jellies, with no luck in advancing past level 35! Guess I will just quit playing this stupid game and be more productive with my time!


Posted on 02/26/2014

After u finish level 35 u either can pay to move on or do the unlock levels for free


Posted on 02/18/2014

I have completed nearly all the candy crush levels in like a year!! Only a couple more levels for me then I need to expand it


Posted on 02/12/2014

You have to do the challenges. Click on 40 and you complete 3 challenges over 3 days. I was stuck for weeks until I figured this out


Posted on 02/10/2014

It did this to me too. I have cleared all the jellies and beat the score at least four times and it keeps raising the score and I can't get past level 35!


Posted on 02/09/2014

This is not good enuf bc I can't get past this level and is is hard and I need better instructions ok bye!!!😫

Hard Candy

Posted on 02/09/2014

It is not true that you can play the whole game for free. I have completed level 35 at least 6 times and it will not let me into level 36 without paying. Each time I complete the level all it does is raise my "target" level higher and higher. My target level is now over 300,000 to complete the level. Several of my friends have simply stopped playing the game. ANY IDEAS?

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